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Our PCC and Church Management Team

The Wardens, deputy Wardens and Verger

Wardens: Gerald Hesford, Warren Wells

Deputy Wardens: Peter Holden, George Whittaker

Verger: Joan Drinkwater


The Parish Church Council (PCC) is the body whose duty, in consultation with the Rector, is to manage all matters of general concern and importance to the parish. Members of the council are voted on to it by the congregation and it is in essence the management team of the church. Its duties include

  1. Controlling expenditure and managing cash flow.
  2. Looking after the maintenance of the building.
  3. Cooperating with the Rector in promoting the whole mission of the church – Pastoral/evangelistic/social and ecumenical.
  4. Ensuring the right links and representation exist with the deanery synod and the diocesan synod so that information flows up and down.
  5. Dealing with any concerns or suggestions brought forward by members of the congregation.

Please feel free to discuss any items with regard to the life of the church with a member of the PCC – they cannot work effectively in isolation from the congregation.

PCC Members: Paul Rink, ( Chair ) Barbara Shaw ( Secretary ) Rev.Stephen Fletcher, Ann Burgess, Janet Whittaker, Vicky Holden, Peter Holden, George Whittaker, Warren Wells, Joan Drinkwater, Gill Greenalgh, Brenda Griffiths, David Hawkins, Gerald Hesford, Willoughby Burgess, Lynn Wells


Members of the PCC at the September 15th, 2014 meeting.


Gill, Ann, Vicky, Barbara, Paul, Joan, Lynn, Janet, Brenda

Kim Lafferty (Representing Stephen), George, Warren, Peter