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Church Committees

The Worship Committee

This committee is responsible, with the approval of the PCC, for the organisation and smooth running of the services of worship. It is made up of the Readers, Lay Eucharistic Assistants, one of the Church Wardens, a representative from the team office and a member of the Sunday School committee. The Team Rector is always in attendance for guidance and advice; Irvine Delamore is the current Chairman and Janet Whittaker the Secretary.
Committee Members: Janet Whittaker, Irvine Delamore, Leslie Povey, Philip Brooks, Peter Holden, Ann Martindale.

Sunday School Committee

Our Sunday School has been named by the children as the JAM Club. ( Jesus and me )
As JAM volunteers we hope to develop the relationship between our children and Jesus with activities,craft,songs,building on friendship,love,fun and laughter.
The JAM Club meets once a month, that is every 3rd Sunday in the month.
Committee Members: Kathryn Coffey, Anne Burgess, Tracy Rogers, Susan Firth, Ann Martindale, Sheila Boocock, Susan Taylor, Anneka Traynor.

Rivington Music Society

Rivington Music Society consists of a group of music lovers affiliated to Rivington Church whose aim is to arrange concerts of high quality classical music to be performed in the church and this they do three times a year, Spring,Autumn and Christmas. The Spring Concert is part of a Festival Weekend held during the Saturday and Sunday leading up to the May Day Holiday. Other activities during this weekend include music by the Rivington and Adlington Brass Band, Morris Dancers and fun and games and stalls on the village green together with afternoon teas in the Church Hall. This weekend always concludes with a Festival Service on Sunday morning. The Society has 11 committee members chaired by Irvine Delamore with Sheila Tonge serving as both Secretary and Treasurer. All profits are donated to the church, thousands of pounds having been raised over the years.

Finance Committee
To manage the church finances in terms of income and expenditure against the annual budget.
To make capital expenditure proposals to the PCC.
To manage excess cash to obtain the best interest rates available at the time.
To report church finances to the PCC at regular intervals.
Committee Members: David Hawkins, Paul Rink, Lesley Povey, Gerald Hesford, Susan Dilworth

Communications Committee
To effectively manage communication with the congregation through a newly developed website.
To communicate the life of the church to the outside world, those who currently do not attend church at the moment.
Committee Members: David Hawkins, Paul Rink, Ann Burgess, Willoughby Burgess

Deanery Synod Representation
The Deanery Synod consists of the clergy and lay members of each parish. At Rivington we are represented by Brenda Griffiths, Peter Holden and Vicky Holden who were elected to serve for 3 years at the AGM of the PCC. They are ex officio members of the PCC. Synod meets three times a year. It provides a vital link between people in the parish ( the PCC ) the diocese ( diocesan synod ) and the Church of England nationally ( General Synod ).

The Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee
This is a sub committee of the Deanery Synod. Its main role is to draw up a plan for mission and pastoral provision in the deanery which is then presented to the Diocesan MPC. It is made up of the incumbent The. Rev, Stephen Fletcher and 1 lay member of each parish which in our case is Vicky Holden.

Pastoral Committee
The Pastoral committee will strive to provide support throughout the Rivington Church Community structured in such a way to meet the needs of each individual. We will support those in bereavement, those who are suffering illness, communion for those who cannot make it to church, or perhaps just a friendly chat for those who live on their own.
Committee Members: Warren Wells, Janet Whittaker, Sheila Boocock, Rosemary Delamore, David Hawkins, Marlene Rink

The Mission Partnership
In 2011 a Mission Partnership was formed between the parishes of Blackrod, St.Katherines, Horwich Holy Trinity, Horwich St.Catherine, Horwich St.Elizabeth and Rivington. A Mission Partnership Council meets 3 times a year with the aim of increasing collaborative mission and ministry with each church committed to the sharing of good practice. Rivington is represented by the Rev.Terry Litherland, Peter Holden (Deputy Church Warden) and Vicky Holden (DMPC).

Rivington Christian Aid Group
Rivington's Christian Aid Group links with the Horwich Christian Aid committee comprising representatives from all local churches, with anyone having an interest in helping the poorest in our world welcome to join. The committee encourages fund raising efforts across Horwich during Christian Aid Week and at other times of the year, including in response to disasters as they occur. During Christian Aid week, as well as encouraging giving individually through gift aid or standing orders, members help with collections at supermarkets and from the bikers at Rivington Barn. We help with the Horwich childrens Christian Aid football tournament and organise a parish Christian Aid lunch. Our current representatives are Rosemary Delamore,Vicky Holden and Brenda Griffiths and more information can be found on the Christian Aid website at www.christianaid.org.uk

Social Committee

To promote Social activies at the Church

Churchyard Team

The Churchyard Team members: Jack Fairclough, Frank Hirst, John Sims, Maurice Taylor, Diane Thompson, Bob Walton, George Whittaker