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Our J.A.M Club here at Rivington is run by a team of motivated volunteers who's goal is to have a safe child friendly environment where children can grow in Gods love, a place where they can develop their faith and relationship with God. The team is a group of people who attend Rivington Church themselves and wanted to help the church develop this facility running along side family church services, therefore getting the best of both worlds, that is, church time and club time. 

All J.A.M. Club volunteers have undergone CRB checks and we also encourage our volunteers to attend a Bishops Ministry Course which is taken over 2 weekends,  This highlights Children's Ministry and working with children.   It's a thought provoking course which requires homework!!! We have to complete a piece of course work which is assessed by the Child Ministry Assessors. 

J.A.M. Club meets once a month, every third Sunday. Please find below our dates for our yearly meetings and forth coming events.  Our J.A.M. Club is all about building/facilitating a relationship between God and the children.  We try and encourage our children to own their own Club and we try to take lead from what the children would like to do.  As J.A.M. Volunteers we do our best to integrate the children's ideas with the teachings of the Bible, developing and growing together in God's love.  Believe it or not, the children have expressed an interest in learning how to knit! Yes, that's the boys too. We are going to try to introduce this into our future sessions and will actually need to ask our congregation to get involved with this one!  We are throwing the idea around of asking the children just to knit a square of which we will sew together which can become a representation of our church family?  Maybe then donating this to a charity? All ideas are welcome. 

We try to use many different learning techniques to try and involve and engage our J.A.M. Club members.  We use songs, craft activities, drama, conversation, games(parachute) very popular with the children, prayer, stories and debate, pictures, actions, dances etc.