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Welcome to the family of
St. Catherine's Church, Horwich.

We are a family friendly church, with a gentle mixture of the traditional and the contemporary, and are delighted to welcome visitors and new members.

Please take a few moments to read this information and to look through our pages.

Our services and their 'types' are listed here Worship / Services

We are close to the centre of Horwich, on Richmond Street, just two streets away from Chorley New Road. Our postcode is BL6 5QT.

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Our main Sunday morning service begins at 10.30am

For more information see our services page.

Children are always welcome, and on most Sundays during term-time there are now two  Children's Sunday club groups (for children aged 3 or over): Sparkles meets in a room at the back of church during the 10.30am service and we are hoping soon to restart an older children's group called 'Noughts and Crosses' for children aged 7/8 to 13, which meets at the same time in the basement rooom (accessed through the Sunday Club room). Children's groups meet on most Sundays during school termtime (with the exception of Sundays when we have our monthly All Age Worship when everyone meets together).

If you have children too young for these groups, there is plenty of space at the side of church and an activity table. We also have a creche room with toys for parents to take children. Please feel free to bring prams and push-chairs into church. We have level access through the main doors without having to go up or down steps.

Please don't feel anxious about any happy noise, crying, general disturbance or roaming children. We are used to it and very glad to have you with us. Usually the leaders and preachers (speakers) are completely unfazed by it all and just carry on without pausing! There is also plenty of space in the hall in the back of church if you wish to escape there with children, and you can still hear what is going on through the PA system.

There are toilets at the back of church including a baby change facility.

We have a good P.A. system (with an induction loop for those with hearing aids). Usually the words for the songs and the service are also projected on a screen.

If it is a Communion service, when it comes to receiving the bread and wine, the wardens will guide us up to the front in turn. Those not used to receiving communion may prefer to come up for a blessing instead, or just to stay in their seats. Gluten free wafers are available on request - just have a word with one of the wardens before the service.

After the service there are refreshments at the back of Church including Fair Trade tea and coffee, and juice for children. There is plenty of opportunity to chat, make friends and catch up with the news of the past week.

We have a weekly notice sheet which you are welcome to take away with you and which outlines the events for the coming week and flags up meetings and information of importance.

There is also a monthly magazine you may take containing articles which represents all the Churches in the Team.

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