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Welcome to the family of St. Elizabeth's Church

We are an active, relaxed and family focussed friendly church,
delighted to welcome new people.

Please take a few moments to read this information
and to look through our pages.


Our services and their types are listed under Worship & Services
There is a quite a variety so we hope there is something to suit you.

There is ample parking outside the Church and on the adjacent car park.

All our morning services begin at 10.00 am

(On the first Sunday of each month there is also an additional 1662 Communion Service which starts at 8.45 am).


Our children and young people join us in Church at the start of the service and usually go to their groups after the first or second song. We encourage them to sit together at the front with parents and leaders

For our 'under 3's' there is a carpeted area at the back of Church with books and toys for them to enjoy whilst we listen to the service.

There is a kitchen and toilet to one side of the building and also a vestry if youngsters (or their anxious parents!) need some time out. But please don't worry about any happy noise, general disturbance or roaming children. We are used to it and glad to have you with us. Our leaders and speakers are completely unfazed by it and will carry on without pausing!

We have a P.A. system (with a T loop) and use powerpoint presentations, video clips and visual aids. The words for the songs and the service are displayed on the screen.

If it is a Communion service (sharing bread and wine) the wardens guide us up to the front in turn. There is no obligation to go up but if you just wish to receive a blessing and not the bread and wine, please do so. 


We have refreshments after each morning service and have an opportunity to get to know our visitors and catch up on the week's events. 

We have a weekly or fortnightly notice sheet which tells you of forthcoming services and flags up particular dates and events. The most recent ones are available on this web site.

We have a Voluntary Registration Scheme whereby parents interested in their children attending church primary or secondary schools can sign their attendance in each week to assist our clergy in supporting the application in the future - details available in church.

There is also a monthly magazine for our Team Churches, Below the Pike, which you are welcome to take with you.